Biden’s Super Bowl Video Gets BRUTALLY Mocked

President Joe Biden faced widespread ridicule and condemnation on social media on Sunday following the release of a video by his campaign. In the video, he placed blame on companies for reducing the size and quantity of their products while maintaining the same price.

The video, which has been dubbed as an example of “shrinkflation,” was seemingly filmed in the White House movie theater. Throughout the footage, the president can be seen surrounded by various packages of snacks.

Biden once said, “If you’re like me, you like to be around a snack or two while watching the big game.”

“As an ice cream lover, what makes me the most angry is that ice cream cartons have actually shrunk in size but not in price,” Biden remarked. “I’ve had enough of what they call shrinkflation; it’s a rip-off.”

“The American public is tired of being played for suckers,” Biden continued.

Biden faced severe criticism from numerous individuals on social media for his economic policies that were accused of causing inflation. These policies were believed to be the reason behind companies having to make adjustments in order to sustain their operations and ensure the employment of American citizens.

“Joe Biden, whose economic policies created the highest inflation in 40 years, blamed companies for shrinking the size of their products,” Outkick’s Clay Travis wrote. “This is the video he chose to make instead of doing a Super Bowl interview.”

“Typical communist tactic: Don’t blame the poor economic policies, blame the companies for adjusting to the poor economic policies (so they can stay afloat and keep Americans employed). If you don’t hate communists yet, you’re not paying attention,” another account noted in a post containing the video.

Americans were quick to respond:

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