Breaking: Democrats TERRIFIED After Lara Trump’s BIG Announcement

Lara Trump, the recently elected Co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC), revealed on Benny Johnson’s show on the Daily Caller that the party has decided to enlist the services of conservative influencer Scott Presler to oversee the legal ballot chasing operations. Following the conclusion of the 2020 election and the declaration of Joe Biden as the winner, many Republicans have raised concerns about changes in election laws that were overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic. When asked by Johnson about the RNC’s plans to restore trust in the election system before November, Trump detailed the party’s strategy, which includes the appointment of Presler to lead the ballot chasing efforts.

“But we also have to start thinking about legal ballot harvesting, something we have never embraced as a party. We are going to start doing it now. I am going to have a call very soon with Scott Presler, who is an amazing voter registerer. He has registered so many people in this country. I think he is fantastic. I want him on our legal ballot harvesting division,” Trump told Johnson.

Presler, a conservative advocate, founded the “Early Vote Action” group, with the aim of rallying Republicans to engage in early voting initiatives. The initiatives are specifically targeted towards crucial swing states like Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Presler replied to the remarks made by Trump on the podcast by posting a tweet.

“Let me show love by taking positive action,” Presler said. “Oh my gosh. We can do this. Let’s come together as a family & save the country we love. Right now, we’re a scheduling [sic] voter registration drives at gun shows, places of worship, rodeos, farmers markets, & other venues across the USA.”

During an appearance on Johnson’s show, Trump provided a detailed account of the RNC’s initiatives to ensure election integrity in preparation for the 2024 election. The newly appointed co-chair emphasized that the party has already filed 78 lawsuits and is actively working towards expanding their legal team to effectively address any concerns that may arise prior to the 2024 election.

A recent investigation conducted by the Daily Caller has shed light on the collaborative efforts between the RNC, NRCC, and NRSC in their extensive campaign to uphold election integrity. However, it is worth noting that several swing states still maintain certain laws that Republicans have previously criticized. According to the analysis conducted by the Daily Caller, at least seven swing states are planning to implement ballot drop-boxes, and it is highly likely that most of them will adopt no-excuse absentee voting. Additionally, a minimum of five battleground states are expected to offer more than two weeks of early voting, while a few others will begin mailing out absentee ballots over six weeks prior to election day.

“As we’ve talked about, the damage done by Democrats to change laws during COVID was unprecedented. There’s still a lot of work to do. Not everything is where we want to be right now. But that’s why we’re scaling up this massive program and filing all this litigation because we’re actively trying to fix it up,” an RNC official previously told the Daily Caller. “We understand that there are still issues, especially in swing states with key stuff we need to fix. That’s why this exists.”

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