Breaking: Fani Willis Case Against Trump DEAD After Courtroom Meltdown

Caroline Polisi, a legal analyst, unequivocally stated on Thursday that the recent testimony contradicting Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s assertions about her association with a coworker marked the end of the road for her.

Polisi, a regular guest on CNN and MSNBC, was straightforward in his assessment of the unfortunate turn of events for the Fulton County DA.

“Don’t let the legalese fool you,” she opened. “This is epic. This is monumental. If things are going in the direction we think, Fani Willis lied to the court, and it’s game over for her. She will be disqualified. If they had a relationship before when they represented the truth to the court, it’s a huge deal. I can’t overstate.”

Polisi further explained “Willis will be disqualified, which means her entire office is disqualified, which means the case will have to be re-assigned and languish with the PAC of Georgia, effectively killing the case. Her credibility is completely shot.”

The impact of this on the election fraud case filed by Willis against the former president remains uncertain, as it is still unknown how this revelation will affect the proceedings. However, considering the recent revelation that Willis provided false testimony about the timeline of her relationship with her deputy, Nathan Wade, it raises questions about her credibility and may lead to her removal as the lead attorney on the case.

Willis was subsequently ROASTED on social media following her awful court appearance:

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