Breaking: Obama Swoops In To Save Joe Biden

President Joe Biden is set to hold a fundraising event in New York in March, aiming to garner support for his re-election campaign. Joining him at this event will be former Presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The trio made their plans public through social media exchanges. Although the exact venue for the event has not been announced by the Biden campaign, it is scheduled to take place on March 28, as reported by the Associated Press.

“Folks – I’ll be in NYC on March 28th to support @JoeBiden. Who’s coming with me? Chip in for your chance to join,” Obama posted on X, formerly Twitter, on Tuesday, over a picture of Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the hand-written message “Let’s finish the job” next to Biden’s signature.

Clinton responded ironically, “Count me in. Who else is going to be there?” and Biden answered jokingly “You guys know you can just call me next time, right?”

“Obama, Clinton and Jimmy Carter are the only living Democratic former presidents, but the 99-year-old Carter is in hospice care at his home in Georgia. Carter’s wife, Rosalynn, died in November and her funeral was one of the rare times Biden, Obama and Clinton have appeared together prior to next month’s fundraiser,” the AP reported.

“Word of the upcoming gathering came a day before Biden headed to New York for three smaller Manhattan fundraisers. The president has intensified fundraising efforts since December. His campaign said Tuesday that January produced its highest monthly donation total since launching in April 2023, breaking monthly records previously set in December and November of last year,” the outlet added.

The latest survey conducted by NBC News brings distressing news for Biden as he embarks on his re-election campaign, albeit a modest one. The poll reveals that Biden’s approval rating has plummeted to a record low of a mere 37 percent. A Democratic pollster, upon analyzing these “damning” findings, suggests that the presidency is now in a precarious state.

Former President Donald Trump leads Biden by 5 points (47%-42%) in the national poll, but he leads by:

–23 points on mental and physical health to be president (46%-23%).

–22 points on handling the economy (55%-33%).

–21 points on dealing with crime and violence (50%-29%)

–16 points on being competent and effective (48%-32%)

–11 points on improving America’s standing in the world (47%-36%)

–35 points on securing the southern border (57%-22%).

According to the report, the current crisis of illegal immigration has emerged as the primary concern for a majority of GOP primary voters. However, Democrats are growing increasingly frustrated with Biden’s lenient border enforcement policies, particularly as more migrants are being relocated to major cities.

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