Breaking: Top Biden Allies ABANDON Him

Democrats are in disarray following a recent report indicating a substantial shift in black voter support away from President Joe Biden as the 2024 election approaches. According to The Wall Street Journal, this historic shift has raised serious concerns among Democrat strategists about Biden’s chances of securing re-election.

A New York Times/Siena College poll earlier this month revealed an unprecedented level of support for former President Donald Trump among black voters in battleground states won by Biden in 2020, including Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Black voter support for Trump has risen to 22 percent, up from eight percent in 2020.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, black voters expressed frustration with Biden’s handling of the economy, leading some to reconsider their support for him. A 60-year-old black Democrat voter from southwest Philadelphia, Mahamadou Diallo, criticized Biden, calling him a “weak man” and expressing disappointment in his lack of substantial change. Diallo declared his intention to vote for Trump in a hypothetical rematch.

Another black voter, Michelle Smith, 46, working two jobs in north Philadelphia, expressed disillusionment with Biden due to inflation, higher rent prices, and a feeling of being ignored. Although she voted for Biden in 2020, Smith stated she won’t vote for him again and may abstain from voting altogether.

This erosion of support from black voters has raised alarms among Democrats in battleground states. Concerned elected Democrats acknowledge the gravity of the situation, describing it as a “huge problem.” A May poll indicated that only 41 percent of black adults wanted Biden to run for a second term, with just 55 percent likely to support him in the general election. This contrasts sharply with Biden’s initial high approval among black voters during his first few months in office.

Local Democrat leaders in Philadelphia are conducting efforts to understand the reasons behind black voters leaving the party or withdrawing support for Biden in 2024. Pennsylvania state Sen. Vincent Hughes is reaching out to low-turnout voters in an attempt to encourage a more positive view of Biden’s accomplishments.

Despite these challenges, Biden’s reelection campaign claims to be making significant early investments in black communities. Quentin Fulks, Biden’s deputy campaign manager, emphasizes efforts to attract voters to Biden rather than solely boosting turnout. However, the campaign faces criticism from some quarters, with one official blaming financial problems on “a brick wall of MAGA extremism,” suggesting the need for another four years to combat such challenges.

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