Breaking: Tucker Carlson Starts War With Ben Shapiro

The ongoing dispute between renowned conservative pundits Tucker Carlson and Ben Shapiro seems to persist.

During a recent interview Carlson said, “You know, I’ve got four draft-age children, so if you’re playing recklessly, fast, and loose with their lives, then I have a right to despise you, and I do.”

He then continued, also taking a swipe at Nikki Haley::

“So if you’re Nikki Haley, who’s running for president, or Ben Shapiro or half the people I see on television casually mentioning the possibility of nuclear war or sending Americans to fight in the Middle East, or in any way involving us in a war that has nothing to do with prosperity and peace at home — nothing, in other words, to do with us Americans — then I have a right to call you out and be really offended because it’s my family. They live here. It’s not a joke to me, there’s not abstract about it.”

Shapiro announced a rebuttal, stating “Tucker is simply lying about my positions. I’ve been calling for a negotiated end to the Ukraine war freezing the lines of conflict since early on in the war.”

“I have never called for American boots on the ground in Ukraine. Ever. I have never called for American boots to defend Israel. Ever,” he continued.

Shapiro then went on to say “I’ve invited Tucker to sit down multiple times over the past few weeks to clear the air and discuss our differences.”

“He’s said he’s willing, but his team has told us that he’s busy for months because of all of his foreign travel. That offer remains open,” he added.

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