Federal Judge Smacks Down Biden’s Big Move

(SNews) – A federal judge has just issued a restraining order to block Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration from destroying border fencing in Texas.

U.S. District Court Judge Alina Moses, a George W. Bush appointee, issued the order after the Biden admin has been cutting through wire fences to allow illegal aliens to flood across the border into the United States.

As Slay News reported, the state sued the Biden admin last week over the federal government’s practice of destroying sections of the wire fence.

Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott instructed state authorities to place along the border in response to increased illegal crossings.

In an 11-page order, Judge Moses temporarily blocked the Biden administration from “disassembling, degrading, [or] tampering with” the wire.

The judge also set a hearing for November 7 to consider the issue in greater depth.

For the moment, Moses said the only “harm” the court needed to consider is “the cost of the destruction of the Plaintiff’s property, which is the wire barrier.”

Judge Moses added:

“The Court is mindful, however, that the Defendants enacted an extensive scheme, which includes immigration enforcement and the interdiction of migrants.

“The question then becomes how much ‘harm’ should a state bear if the Defendants are unable to meet their obligations of securing the border and controlling the flow of migrants into the country.”

The ruling came amid reports that the Biden admin upped the ante from merely cutting the wire fence.

Images show officials using a forklift to completely destroy the barrier before ushing large crowds of migrants to illegally cross the border.

Moses wrote that the Nov. 7 hearing to consider a preliminary injunction will deal with:

“The intersection of the private property rights of the persons consenting to the placement of the concertina wire on their land, the Plaintiff’s right to assist private property owners and avoid costs to the Plaintiff; and the Defendants’ responsibilities over national security and border security, and its powers to effectuate its duties, up to and including the destruction of private or state property.”

The temporary order expires on November 13, unless the court chooses to extend it, according to the ruling.

It includes an exception allowing border patrol to “move or cut the concertina wire to aid individuals in medical distress.”


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