GOP Launches BIG New Plan to Take Down Biden

As the implications of special counsel Robert Hur’s report on President Joe Biden’s possession of classified documents and his mental acuity settle in our minds, the potential consequences of this revelation become increasingly significant.

According to a report from Axios, House GOP leaders are determined not to let this issue fade from memory. In fact, three Republican House leaders have taken the step of writing a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, demanding the release of the recordings and transcripts of Hur’s interview with Biden. It was during this interview that Hur concluded that Biden, as an elderly man with a poor memory, should not be brought to trial for hoarding over 300 classified documents in his house.

The GOP leaders have additional plans, including asking Hur to testify about the findings of his report, which cover both the classified documents and Biden’s mental deficiencies. They also intend to hold hearings on the matter and may even issue subpoenas, as reported by Axios.

Naturally, Democrats will attempt to push back against the Republicans’ plans. However, even Democrats are forced to acknowledge the damning nature of the report for Biden and the catastrophic implications it has for his re-election campaign, particularly in light of his ill-conceived news conference. Despite the undeniable facts, Axios presents the controversy stirred up by Hur’s report in a more cynical light. The publication and its unnamed sources portray the Republicans’ scrutiny of Biden’s cognitive abilities as a mere tactic to keep his age in the headlines, without showing genuine concern for the actual findings.

Furthermore, Axios brings up the past incident involving former President Donald Trump and the classified documents at Mar-a-Lago, even quoting a source close to Biden who sarcastically suggests that the GOP’s newfound interest in classified documents may lead to a field hearing at Mar-a-Lago, specifically in the flooded server room.

A source close to GOP leaders said “[someone] might ask [Hur] if Biden is unfit to lead. Give him a chance to frame it.”

The push by GOP leaders to have Hur testify and release the recordings of his interview with the president goes beyond being a mere political tactic to secure Trump’s re-election, as Axios suggests. It is a matter of utmost national importance.

These findings hold significance because the mental fitness, or lack thereof, of the president has far-reaching consequences on both a national and international scale. Even Axios acknowledges that any testimony from Hur could be groundbreaking, with the potential to significantly impact Biden’s chances of re-election.

The well-being of the president carries implications on the global stage that we may not fully comprehend at this moment. To draw a somewhat imperfect comparison, consider how different the course of United States history might have been if Abraham Lincoln had not been assassinated. While the death of a president is not equivalent to a sitting president struggling to grasp fundamental facts about the world, the potential consequences are similarly grave.

Russian President Vladimir Putin evidently does not fear American power to the same extent as he did during Trump’s tenure, and Biden’s cognitive limitations will only embolden our adversaries in Russia and China.

If there is indeed a serious impairment in Biden’s mental capabilities (and the evidence supporting this claim is substantial), then it is imperative for Americans to be informed about it.

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