Joe Biden SNAPS, Trashes Trump Behind Closed Doors

President Joe Biden developed a certain “notoriety” during his initial three years in the White House for allegedly employing profanities while discussing former President Donald Trump. Despite Biden’s commitment to reinstating “propriety” within the White House, Politico’s Jonathan Lemire, Lauren Egan, Myah Ward, and Ben Johansen noted that he fell short of fulfilling his pledge, acknowledging his tendency to curse when referring to his political adversaries:

“The president has described Trump to longtime friends and close aides as a “sick fuck” who delights in others’ misfortunes, according to three people who have heard the president use the profane description. According to one of the people who has spoken with the president, Biden recently said of Trump: “What a fucking asshole the guy is.”

“His disgust toward Trump has never been a secret but has only grown in recent months as the former president tightens his grip on the GOP nomination.”

Biden expresses his frustration publicly towards Trump as well. On January 6, Biden recounted a distressing incident involving Paul Pelosi, the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), where he was subjected to a physical assault in his own residence using a hammer.

“At his rally, he [Trump] jokes about an intruder, whipped up by the Big Trump Lie, taking a hammer to Paul Pelosi’s skull,” Biden said. “And he thinks that’s funny,” Biden appeared to blame Trump. “He laughed about it. What a sick …”

Tucker Carlson chimed in, explaining Biden’s flashes of anger: “Uncontrollable flashes of anger are common among people who are aging, particularly among men, and they often accompany senility,” Carlson explained. “Losing it is a very frustrating experience, and your heart goes out to anyone who is.”

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