Joe Biden’s Handlers Are DESPERATELY Trying To Cover This Up

Advisors overseeing Joe Biden’s public appearances are urging extra precautions to minimize the risk of him tripping or falling, amid growing concerns about the Democrat president’s age and physical condition. According to a recent report, Biden’s team is advocating for shorter walking distances on camera and the substitution of formal shoes with more comfortable alternatives. This development coincides with a rising number of Democrats expressing uncertainties about the strategies in place to address concerns regarding the president’s age.

“People close to the president have discussed having him walk shorter distances while on camera,” Politico reported.

“They’ve also advocated, at times, trading in formal shoes for more comfortable ones — both to make his stride seem less stiff, but also to reduce the risk of falls.”

Democratic strategists and donors are reportedly expressing frustration with how the Biden campaign is addressing concerns about the president’s age. Criticism suggests that the campaign has not adequately assuaged public worries on this matter. Joe Biden, who recently celebrated his 81st birthday, holds the distinction of being the oldest president in U.S. history.

“Many donors are directly urging top campaign aides to go on offense, leaning even harder into Biden’s age as proof of his wisdom in turbulent times,” Politico reported.

“They are pushing for more humor about ‘Grandpa Joe.’

Alan Kessler, a Democratic donor, stated to the outlet that concerns about Biden’s age are gaining traction among voters. He highlighted that 77-year-old President Donald Trump was seldom subject to such scrutiny.

“Neither are going to get any younger on their next birthdays, but yet Biden seems to get, on a continuing basis, knocked for his age while Trump does not,” Kessler said.

“No one brings up the age thing with [Trump].

“That double standard is troubling.”

It has also now been reported that members of Biden’s family were also concerned over his age.

“Those close allies believe that Biden is mentally up for the job, but some acknowledge that the president can at times appear frail, according to two people involved in the conversations but not authorized to speak publicly about internal deliberations,” the outlet reported.

Another contributor mentioned that when expressing reservations about Biden’s age, DNC officials “declined to acknowledge it as a problem.”

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod recently cautioned that the president’s “age issue” was a significant concern for him.

“The one number in the polling that was concerning, and in the CNN poll that followed after The New York Times poll, had to do with age, and that is one thing you can’t reverse no matter how effective Joe Biden is behind the scenes,” Axelrod told CNN.

“In front of the camera, what he’s projecting is causing people concerns, and that is worrisome.”

In September, Axios revealed that Biden’s 2024 team was actively taking measures to prevent the president from tripping during public appearances.

The initiative to address Biden’s age-related concerns coincided with the president grappling with a diagnosis of “significant spinal arthritis.” His team was reportedly planning to minimize stair climbs and encourage him to wear tennis shoes.

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