Just In: Car Slams into Biden’s Motorcade

On Sunday night in Wilmington, Delaware, an unfortunate incident occurred as a car collided with a section of President Biden’s parked motorcade. This incident took place while the president was departing from his campaign headquarters. According to a pool reporter, Biden seemed taken aback by the sound of the collision.

Fortunately, both the president and the first lady were unharmed. In order to ensure their safety, the press was swiftly escorted into a nearby van.

According to ABC News, Biden was walking towards an armored SUV from his office when a sedan collided with a U.S. Secret Service vehicle. This particular vehicle was being utilized to secure and close off intersections.

“The sedan then tried to continue into a closed-off intersection, before Secret Service personnel surrounded the vehicle with weapons drawn and instructed the driver to put his hands up,” ABC News reported.

“Biden was ushered into his waiting vehicle, where his wife was already seated, before being driven swiftly back to their home,” the report continued.

The official White House report stated:

“POTUS and FLOTUS emerged from the Biden-Harris 2024 headquarters in downtown Wilmington at 8:07am. FLOTUS entered the vehicle first, saying “Happy Holidays” to the pool. POTUS then emerged and his exit was interrupted by a car that hit a motorcade SUV.

Before this, in response to a shouted question about why he’s losing to Trump in the polls, Biden says You’re reading “the wrong polls.

Moments after responding, a silver copper sedan with Delaware plates hit what seemed to be a motorcade SUV shielding the motorcade at the intersection across from the entrance of the campaign headquarters.

There was a loud bang and POTUS was standing outside the vehicle with a surprised expression on his face.

A man walking by loudly said “oh my gosh” when this happened.

Agents quickly sprung into action, cornering the car and pulling weapons on the driver. He held his hands up and press was swiftly shuffled back to the van.

Before the incident, the pool was allowed to wait outside the van on the street corner next to the building housing the campaigns headquarters. On a restroom break in the lobby of the building, your pooler could hear people singing a Holiday song.”

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