Kamala Harris’ Absurd Statement on AI Goes Viral

(SNews) – Democrat President Joe Biden’s so-called “Artificial Intelligence Czar” Kamala Harris has delivered a conflicting speech about the rapidly emerging technology.

Vice President Harris, whom one would assume should be an AI expert for the role, delivered a speech about artificial intelligence at the US Embassy in London.

Her address came one day before the VP was due to represent the US at the UK’s AI Safety Summit on Thursday.

During her speech, Harris touted AI by insisting that it can be used to help fight the globalists’ so-called “climate crisis.”

However, elsewhere in her comments, Harris also warned that “AI-enabled mis- and disinformation” is an “existential” threat to “democracy.”

Harris’s appearance at the summit comes shortly after the Biden administration pushed new policies to “regulate” AI.

As Slay News reported earlier this week, Biden signed an executive order that forces tech companies to program Marxist ideology into AI.

The White House announced the order on Monday, claiming the order seeks to regulate the emerging AI industry.

However, buried in the order is a provision that stipulates that AI must help to advance the leftist agenda.

The order mandates that AI must be programmed with a foundation based on “equity.”

Not to be confused with “equality,” the Left’s “equity” agenda is based on Marxism.

Whereas “equality” teaches that everybody should be treated equally, no matter their race or sex, “equity” asserts that people should be treated differently depending on their skin color, “gender identity,” or mental state.

Under the “equity” ideology, for example, a transgender would be given advantages, such as securing a college scholarship or being offered a job, over a normal person.

While most people will freely admit that AI technology is difficult to understand, Harris continues with the “AI Czar” charade when she clearly doesn’t know what it is or how it works.

As the blind lead the blind, Harris continued to march the lemmings off the cliff edge while waffling about the “harm” and “benefits” of AI.

“When people around the world cannot discern fact from fiction because of a flood of AI-enabled mis- and disinformation, I ask, is that not existential for democracy?’” Harris said.

She then urged stakeholders to “consider and address the full spectrum of AI risk” to “make sure that AI is truly safe.”


She then promised the head-scratching crowd that AI can help fight the “climate crisis.”

Harris also noted that the Biden-Harris White House has been working closely with large artificial intelligence companies to “establish a minimum baseline of responsible AI practices.”

She described these practices as “an initial step toward a safer AI future with more to come” and pushed for new legislation.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, who was the key driver of the UK’s AI Summit, has claimed that AI brings new “dangers” and “risks” and vowed to make the UK “a global leader in safe AI.”

The goals of his UK AI Summit are also geared around safety, with its aims being to “consider the risks of AI” and “discuss how they can be mitigated through internationally coordinated action.”

The Group of Seven (G7), the United Nations (UN), and the European Union (EU) have also announced various efforts that feature buzzwords like safety and push for stronger global AI governance.

After her address, Harris refused to take any questions from the press.

Opportunities for reporters to ask the “AI Czar” simple questions like “What is artificial intelligence?” or “How does the technology work?” were, therefore, blocked.

Harris’s speech comes after reports this week that Biden signed his AI executive order after watching Tom Cruise’s latest movie.

The AP reported that Biden became worried about the technology after watching “Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One” at Camp David last weekend.


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