Mitt Romney FURIOUS After Trump’s Big Announcement

Riverton Mayor Trent Staggs has received the endorsement of former President Donald Trump for the Republican nomination to succeed Sen. Mitt Romney, who announced in September that he will not seek reelection in 2024. Trump expressed his unwavering support for Staggs, emphasizing his preference over Utah Rep. John Curtis, a prominent Republican contender in the upcoming election.

“Trent Staggs is 100% MAGA, and is running to fill The Mitt Romney, a Total Loser, Seat as the next Senator from the Great State of Utah!” Trump said in a post on Truth Social on Saturday. “A Highly Successful Entrepreneur, who has served brilliantly as Mayor of Riverton for the past six years, Trent knows how to Create Jobs, Stop Inflation, Grow the Economy, and Secure the Border.

“As your next Senator, Trent will help us Unleash American Energy, Support our Military/Vets, and Protect our always under siege Second Amendment,” Trump said. “Trent Staggs has my Complete and Total Endorsement – He will be a GREAT Senator, and never let you down!”

In contrast to Curtis, Staggs has publicly endorsed Trump for the 2024 presidential race, emphasizing him as the sole candidate capable of rectifying the detrimental domestic and international policies implemented by President Joe Biden. Staggs proudly garners support not only from Trump but also from prominent Republicans, including former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, and numerous other current and former elected officials.

Previously, Staggs said that his intention to prioritize addressing issues that impact the American homeland, such as the crisis at the southern border, before delving into resolving international matters like providing assistance to Ukraine in its conflict against Russia.

“I think it’s time we prioritize our own border over Ukraine’s,” Staggs previously stated. “At $34 trillion in debt, we cannot continue being the world’s piggy bank.”

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