Outrage: Military Member Forced To Prop Up Chinese Flag

There has been widespread discussion on social media regarding a service member spotted holding a Chinese flag at the APEC Summit meeting in San Francisco, sparking significant outrage.

Renowned conservative actor James Woods expressed his concern, stating, “My father fought in the Korean War. I miss him with all my heart, yet I am grateful he never had to see an American serviceman holding a communist Chinese flag.”

Many Americans were appalled at the sight of a member of the Armed Forces seemingly honoring the Communist regime, known for the deaths of millions of innocent people.

Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik questioned, “Why is an American soldier holding a communist Chinese flag?”

According to Department of Defense guidelines, it is against regulations for service members in uniform and in an official capacity to carry flags of foreign nations, veterans’ groups, or other non-military organizations.

The incident prompted strong reactions from citizens, with one expressing, “Unbelievable. The leadership of Biden is pro any country but America. Every American should be outraged.”

Earlier during the visit, numerous San Francisco streets displayed the Chinese flag, with no American flags in sight, creating a perception as if the Bay Area had been invaded and conquered.

The image of a member of the military in full uniform holding the flag of an adversary stirred comparisons to a modern-day version of Red Dawn.

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