Video: Jaw-Dropping Invasion At Southern Border Caught On Tape

According to Fox News Channel national correspondent Bill Melugin, the situation at our southern border is dire. The footage emerging from Texas is truly astonishing.

“Video from a contact on the ground in Eagle Pass, TX right now shows a mass of thousands of migrants waiting to be processed by Border Patrol after they crossed illegally today,” Melugin wrote on X. “I’ve spent hundreds of days there over the last 2+ years and I’ve never seen it like this.”

There’s also grave concerns about the Biden Administration’s decision to shut down two international railroad lines.

“Roughly 45% of all rail cars moving to and from Mexico cross through El Paso and Eagle Pass – there isn’t enough capacity at the other four gateways to reroute them,” Union Pacific wrote in a statement. “Union Pacific urges the Eagle Pass and El Paso border crossings be reopened immediately. This is impacting: • Agricultural products (grain held in six Midwest states) • Food and beverages (beer and dry food products) • Automotive (finished vehicles and parts) • Consumer goods • Industrial commodities (metals and cement).”

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