WATCH: Joe Biden DEVASTATED After This New Ad Went Viral

Former President Donald Trump is being backed by a superPAC that has recently unveiled a fresh advertisement. This ad links the assault on two New York Police Department officers, which was captured on camera last month, to a group of migrants. The superPAC attributes this incident to President Joe Biden and his lenient approach towards border security and illegal immigration. The campaign ad, titled “Joe Biden’s Middle Finger,” emphasizes Biden’s commitment to reversing Trump’s strict immigration policies and holds him accountable for the current border crisis.

“Joe Biden’s open border policies are a middle finger to every law-abiding American. He has the power to stop the invasion, and yet he is doing nothing,” a spokesman told the New York Post.

The outlet added:

“Four of the migrants filmed pummeling the officers were later released on no bail before skipping town. Another migrant accused in the assault greeted media covering his arraignment by flipping double birds upon his release.

“MAGA Inc. also spotlighted Biden’s decision to scrap Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which required asylum seekers to stay south of the border while their claims played out in court.”

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