WATCH: Trump’s Super Bowl Ad Just DESTROYED Nikki Haley

Former President Donald Trump unveiled a Super Bowl advertisement on Sunday that targeted former Governor Nikki Haley in South Carolina markets.

The advertisement highlights the divergent stances of Trump and Haley regarding Social Security, specifically focusing on Haley’s alleged attempt to alter her stance on increasing the retirement age. Trump firmly stated his commitment to preserving Social Security, emphasizing that Republicans should not entertain any notion of reducing funding for Medicare or Social Security. This declaration was made in January 2023.

The advertisement commences by showcasing a segment featuring Haley’s position, accompanied by a referee discrediting her assertions.

“The fact that Donald Trump says I want to cut Social Security or raise the age. I’ve never said that,” Haley claims in a clip.

“There’s the red challenge hat,” a football announcer says, as a red “Make America Great Again” hat is thrown on the field.

“Trump’s challenging Haley’s statement claim she didn’t call for easing the age of social security is under review,” the referee says.

“Here’s exactly what the official is looking at,” the announcer explains.


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