Watch: Tucker Calls On Every American To Help In Time of Need

During a recent interview on his independent news show, Tucker Carlson emphasized the significance of Elon Musk’s Twitter/X platform for global public freedom. Carlson urged people to “pray for Elon’s health,” suggesting that the success of X is crucial for preserving free speech and the truth in a landscape he views as increasingly dominated by a corrupt corporate media.

“I’m worried about the pressure being brought to bear on X because it’s the only huge international free speech platform with hundreds of millions of people,” Carlson explains.

“The existence of X where anyone around the world can get for free a whole range of opinions that aren’t controlled — that changes everything.

“The people who maintain the status quo kind of have to shut it down.

“And I am hoping that I can help X in any way and all decent people, whatever their views, add their voice to a chorus that says no, you can’t shut down the one big free speech platform in the world.

“You can’t do that because then it’s just a dictatorship.

“You are not free if you don’t have free information.

“That’s why you just got to pray every night for Elon’s health.”

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