Woke Nonsense BANNED From Official Government Documents

(SNews) – Arkansas’ Republican Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders has signed an executive order to ban “woke” language and radical gender ideology from official state documents.

Gov. Sanders signed the executive order on Thursday that mandates “accurate, female-affirming alternatives” to “woke, anti-woman” terms.

The move bans “woke” phrases such as “birthing person,” “pregnant person,” “human milk,” and “womxn.”

The order ensures that any such “nonsense” terms will be removed from all official government documents.

In a statement announcing her order, Sanders slammed the Left for trying to “erase women and girls” with radical gender ideology.

The governor noted that the “woke” terms began as a “fad among a few grad students.”

However, she warns that such language is now “seeping” into healthcare, state government, and corporations.

“Some on the Left will accuse us of being nitpicky, that Arkansas should just lay down and accept the cultural revolution without complaint,” Sanders said.

“I say it’s the exact opposite.

“It’s the left that decided that woman is a dirty word.”

Sanders asserted there needs to be a return to “basic biology” and “basic grammar.”

She noted that “women are taking a backseat to political correctness.”

“Nowadays, only conservatives seem to be” standing up for women against “woke nonsense,” she asserted.

“How many times should a woman have to be insulted before we stand up and say we’ve had it,” the Governor stated.


The order states that “There are things only women can do, like perform the miracle of birth.”

“Government should reject language that ignores, undermines, and erases women,” the order adds.

“Government should celebrate gender distinctions between men and women—not erase them,” the order further notes.

Sanders has previously slammed Democrat President Joe Biden over his administration’s misogynistic anti-women agenda.

She denounced Biden as “the first man to surrender his presidency to a woke mob that can’t tell you what a woman is.”


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