Biden Gets DEVASTATING News Right Ahead Of Election

President Joe Biden and his administration received distressing news regarding his chances of reelection as he prepares to go up against the presumed Republican presidential nominee, former President Donald Trump. According to the recent swing state poll conducted by Bloomberg/Morning Consult, it is evident that the former president is currently dominating in swing states.

The poll reveals that he is leading by a margin of seven points in Arizona (49 percent-42 percent), six points in Georgia (49 percent – 43 percent), eight points in Nevada (51 percent – 43 percent), ten points in North Carolina (51 percent – 41 percent), four points in Wisconsin (48 percent – 44 percent), and one point in Pennsylvania (47 percent -46 percent).

The only state where President Biden manages to hold a lead over the former president is Michigan, albeit by a slim margin of 2 points, with a tally of 47 percent to 45 percent. Furthermore, the poll highlights that a staggering 70 percent of voters in the swing states surveyed believe that the economy is heading in the “wrong track.” Additionally, 51 percent of these voters expressed more trust in Trump’s ability to handle the economy, while only 36 percent placed their trust in Biden.

However, even the positive news for President Biden in Michigan comes with a significant caveat as the conflict between Israel and Hamas persists. The president is currently facing a protest vote from Muslims in Michigan. Nevertheless, Newsweek’s deputy opinion editor, Batya Ungar-Sargon, suggests that the issue for President Biden extends beyond the Muslim protest vote, as it is intertwined with the United States’ handling of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

“Should Democrats be worried about the 100,000 ‘uncommitted’ votes in the Michigan primary?” HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher said in March.

“I read about this. Will protest votes over Biden’s policy in Gaza cost him the election in November? Michigan just had a primary, and Michigan has a large Muslim population and they are not thrilled Joie Biden is supporting Israel in its war. So 100,000 people, Democratic voters, voted “uncommitted.” They seem to be saying we are threatening to support Trump, a known lover of Muslims. But this is a wedge issue in the Democratic Party. Young people, the kids, and Muslim voters like this don’t want him supporting Israel. Many other people do. What are your thoughts?” he said.

The Newsweek editor emphasized that the president should not only focus on the Muslim vote.

“The media really wants to put this narrative out there that Biden is going to lose Michigan over Gaza, when the truth is he’s going to lose Michigan over 600,000 auto workers because his EV market was extremely punishing to auto workers,” she said.

“And there’s been this big realignment where working-class Americans are very much on the Trump train. People who used to be Democrats and used to vote for Democrats. Rather than admit that, this outrage that the Democrats lost the working class vote, and try to figure out how we can appeal to them, they are looking for excuses and other things to blame — like this war in Gaza, or they’re deplorable or racists,” the editor said.

“Because they don’t want to admit that Trump has picked up a lot of the policies that used to be Democrat policies in the 1990s, like controlling the border, for example. The idea is that an open border and mass migration is extremely punishing to the working class and drives down their wages. It is class warfare against the working class.

“It is an upward transfer of wealth from the working class who end up competing with immigrants, to the elites who end up employing the. And now they can employ cheap immigrants instead of having to pay Americans a living wage,” she said.

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