Border Patrol Makes SHOCKING Discovery

For years, Democrats have consistently portrayed Republicans who are against illegal immigration as lacking empathy. In September, the left-leaning publication Mother Jones described the immigration reform proposals put forth by Republican presidential primary candidates as “extremely heartless.”

However, they persistently ignore the actual suffering endured by immigrants at the border, where cartels take advantage of their desperation and show no concern for their safety. This is particularly alarming considering that a significant number of these migrants are children.

According to the official website of the US Customs and Border Patrol, Border Patrol agents apprehended 69 migrants on Wednesday who were hiding in the storm drain system of El Paso, Texas.

The initial response of the agents was prompted by a report of unauthorized entry in the vicinity of the Bridge of Americas. Upon arrival, they discovered a manhole entrance to the drainage system near Interstate 10. Despite detecting dangerous levels of chlorine gas, the agents proceeded to enter and successfully apprehended 27 migrants.

Shortly thereafter, the agents were once again called to the same manhole following another report of illegal entry. This time, they apprehended an additional 43 migrants who were exploiting a nearby section of drains near Paisano Avenue. In total, a sum of 69 migrants were arrested from the storm drains on Wednesday evening. These individuals originated from Guatemala, Mexico, Bolivia, Honduras, and El Salvador.

Among those detained were four unaccompanied minors. All of the migrants underwent medical evaluations and were subsequently processed for removal in accordance with immigration law. It is worth noting that all of the unauthorized immigrants received medical assessments and were then processed for removal under Title 8.

Acting Chief Patrol Agent Anthony Scott Good of the El Paso Sector emphasized the inherent dangers and serious risks associated with the storm drain system, not only for the migrants but also for the Border Patrol agents themselves.

“Due to these risks, the El Paso Sector will deliver serious consequences to individuals that exploit the El Paso Storm drain system,” he added.

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