Breaking: Texas Citizens Move In To Take Back Border

Several miles north of the Texas-Mexico border park in Eagle Pass, Texas, a large gathering of rallygoers took place on a private ranch in the border community of Quemado. A sizable crowd of over 500 individuals assembled to listen to inspiring speeches and Christian music on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. According to one of the organizers, the purpose of this event was to peacefully demonstrate and offer prayers for the security of the United States.

At the entrance of the ranch, volunteers from the “Take Our Border Back Rally” verified the identities of those wishing to enter and granted access to media representatives from various parts of the country to cover the rally. Inside the ranch, food trucks and vendors selling patriotic merchandise such as t-shirts and caps were stationed near a stage where a band performed Christian music.

The rallygoers strolled around the area, engaging in conversations and attentively listening to the messages delivered from the stage. Many chose to relax on lawn chairs, simply enjoying the music. A significant number of attendees proudly displayed their support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump by wearing red, white, and blue attire, including shirts and caps. Vehicles both within and outside the event were adorned with flags bearing messages in favor of the former president.

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