Kamala Harris SLAMMED After Spreading Another Lie

Vice President Kamala Harris faced additional ridicule and mockery on Thursday following her inaccurate statement regarding women’s college basketball.

“Harris mistakenly claimed that women’s college basketball players had not enjoyed the benefits of tournament brackets until just last year, 2022,” Mediaite reported. “Tournament brackets have long been a fixture of the NCAA women’s basketball postseason, but the ‘March Madness’ copyright was only extended to the women in 2022.”

During a conversation on lighter subjects, Harris engaged in a discussion with Spectrum News’ Tim Boyum in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday. In addition, she provided an explanation of the candid and straightforward conversation between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The substantial television ratings achieved during the Iowa and LSU game on Monday evening served as concrete proof of the growing public interest in women’s college basketball. However, Harris erroneously attributed this surge in popularity to the absence of brackets.

Harris went on to state:

“Do you know? Okay, a bit of a history lesson. Do you know that women were not. The women’s teams were not allowed to have brackets until 2022. Think about that. And what? That. Talk about progress. You know better late than never, but progress and what that has done. Because of course, when, you know, I had a bracket and it’s not broken completely, but I won’t talk about my bracket. But you know, just how we love we love March Madness. And even just now allowing the women to have brackets and what that does to encourage people to talk more about the women’s teams, to watch them now they’re being covered, you know, and and this is the reality people used to say are women’s sports. Who’s interested? Well, if you can’t see it, you won’t be. But when you see it, you realize, oh.”


Mediaite added: “The thing is that Vice President Harris knows that the NCAA women’s tournament existed — with brackets — in 2021, evidenced by a bracket she filled out herself and posted on the social media platform then known as Twitter.”

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