Obama’s New Film Shocks Viewers With Racist Attacks

In a recent Netflix thriller titled “Leave the World Behind,” co-produced with significant involvement from Barack and Michelle Obama, a narrative unfolds about a cyberattack crippling the United States. Within this storyline, a subplot highlights negative portrayals of white individuals. The film explores the aftermath of a cyber apocalypse, leading to civil unrest, with a focus on a wealthy black man and his socially conscious daughter stranded in a mansion alongside a “privileged” white family from New York City.

“If they world falls apart trust should not be doled out easily to anyone especially white people,” the daughter said.

The only explicit reference to white individuals in the film was minimal, but disdain for this group was subtly conveyed through characters’ expressions and behaviors, leaving a distinct impression.

The movie boasts an ensemble cast, including acclaimed actors such as Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, Ethan Hawke, and Mahershala Ali. Presently, it holds the top ranking on Netflix.

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