Shock Report: People Voting For Nikki Haley Aren’t Even Republican

Nikki Haley, despite receiving significant support from Independents and Democrats in the New Hampshire primary, faced a substantial defeat by a wide margin. According to CNN, approximately 70% of Haley’s voters were registered as undeclared prior to the election, as reported by an exit poll. This highlights the flexibility of New Hampshire’s voting requirements, allowing voters to cross party lines. However, it is important to note that future Republican caucuses and primaries will predominantly consist of registered Republicans.

In the New Hampshire primary, Trump emerged victorious with a significant lead over Haley, with the final results still pending. The Associated Press swiftly declared the outcome within three minutes, underscoring the magnitude of Trump’s win. In contrast, in Iowa, where Trump achieved a historic thirty percent victory, it took the Associated Press 31 minutes to announce the results.

Following his resounding triumph, Trump’s path to securing the nomination appears nearly certain. This is evident from the prompt endorsements of Trump by Senators John Cornyn (R-TX) and Debbie Fischer (R-NE), who wasted no time in expressing their support for him immediately after his victory.

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