Watch: Biden’s Creepiest Moment Yet Caught On Camera

A clip that emerged on Wednesday showcased what some consider to be one of President Joe Biden’s most peculiar and unsettling moments to date.

During a speech at the Tribal Nations Summit, while asserting that he had reinstated several protections, Biden unexpectedly veered into what has been described as one of his characteristic, unsettling tangents. He stated, “At the same time, preserving important and ancestral Tribal lands. I restored protections from my predecessor — gutted by my predecessor at three national monuments: Grand Staircase and Beers Ear — Bears Ears,” as shown in a clip shared by CNBC.

“And, by the way, you know how that happened? I was in a plane, and a little girl came up to me. She said, ‘Mr. Pwesident’ — (laughter) — ‘can you take care of Beaws Ears?’ (Laughter) And I said — I said, ‘Can I…’ I thought she said can I take care of her ears. (Laughter.) And I said, ‘What, honey?’ And she said, ‘Beaws Ears. It’s really important!’ And guess what? She was dead right, and we did take care of it.”

Nonetheless, it remains uncertain whether this narrative is authentic or another one of Biden’s fabricated stories. In addition to his tendency to create stories, Biden is notably recognized for numerous uncomfortable interactions, particularly involving women and children. Several of these instances have been captured on camera, including this notorious encounter:

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