DISGRACE: Biden Gives Terrorists a Ramadan Present…

This is a gift that Americans will come to regret. President Joe Biden, in an attempt to gain support from the radical left wing of the Democratic Party, has given a generous Ramadan present to the murderous terrorists of Hamas. In doing so, he has shown a willingness to sacrifice the lives of our allies and the integrity of the American people. And all he wants in return is to win Michigan.

It is truly astonishing to witness such cowardice and international bullying from the United States ambassador to the United Nations, who abstained from a Security Council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Israel’s war against Hamas during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The resolution, which passed unanimously without a United States veto, also demanded the release of hostages held by Hamas after their horrific attack on Israel on October 7th. Of course, it included the obligatory mention of the humanitarian assistance needed by Palestinians amidst the deliberately provoked war by Palestinian terrorists.

However, the main focus was on the ceasefire demand, as highlighted by The New York Times’ coverage. This demand aims to effectively restrain Israel in its fight for survival and prevent it from eliminating the enemy that initiated the conflict in the first place. Republican Sen. Ted Cruz summed it up succinctly in a post on the social media platform X.

“Biden, given the choice to stand with Israel, ABSTAINED,” he wrote.


At the New York Post, a conservative counterweight to the stomach-turning propaganda of The New York Times, the editorial board went further in a piece aptly headlined: “Team Biden’s UN sellout of Israel is public, monstrous and final.”

“Hamas could have avoided the war in the first place by not committing the worst slaughter of Jews since the Holocaust,” the editorial stated.

“The onus is not now somehow placed on Israel to simply give up a necessary battle for survival in order to appease the global left.

“That Washington has joined this farce shows that the rot has fully infected the highest levels of the executive.”

The Democratic Party in Washington D.C. has once again turned its back on the United States’ most important ally in the Middle East. In December 2016, the Obama administration made a similar move by abstaining from a vote condemning Israeli settlement activity, as reported by USA Today. Given that Biden’s presidency has largely mirrored Obama’s policies, it is not unexpected that Biden would also betray Israel in a similar manner.

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