U.S. Troops Killed In Deadly Attack

President Joe Biden faced strong criticism from Republicans following the U.S. military’s announcement of three American troops killed and 25 injured in a drone attack in Jordan on Sunday.

“Joe Biden emboldened Iran for years by tolerating attacks on our troops, bribing the ayatollahs with billions of dollars, and appeasing them to no end. He left our troops as sitting ducks and now three are dead and dozens wounded, sadly as I’ve predicted would happen for months,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) responded.

“On behalf of Arkansans, I extend my deepest condolence to the families of our brave fallen warriors. May God comfort them as He welcomes their loved ones into His embrace. And may God quickly and completely heal their wounded comrades,” he added.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) went on to attack Biden’s entire strategy with Iran:

“There have been over 100 attacks against U.S. forces in the region. Iran is undeterred,” he said, adding, “I am sending my condolences to the families of our fallen heroes in Jordan. I am also wishing a full recovery to those injured. Our forces in Jordan and Syria are there to protect the American homeland and to provide stability in a troubled region. Their service and sacrifice will always be appreciated. They are true heroes.”

On Sunday afternoon, the U.S. Central Command made an announcement stating that three U.S. service members lost their lives and 25 others were injured due to an attack by a one-way attack drone on a military base located in northeast Jordan, near the border with Syria.

Ever since the terrorist attack carried out by Hamas in Israel on October 7, Iran-proxy forces have been specifically targeting U.S. troops in the region. This attack resulted in the tragic loss of over 1,200 lives.

Since mid-October, there have been more than 150 attacks against U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria, with at least one individual sustaining critical injuries. However, the attack on Sunday marked the first instance in recent months where U.S. troops were killed as a result of such an attack. Both Cotton and Graham went on to call for immediate retaliation to these attacks.

Graham further went on to urge Biden to strike Iran immediately, stating:

“The only thing the Iranian regime understands is force. Until they pay a price with their infrastructure and their personnel, the attacks on U.S. troops will continue. Secretary Austin’s efforts to deter aggression against our forces in the region has failed miserably. I’ve long since lost confidence in the Biden national security team to deter Iran. If they do not change their policies now, more American service members in the region will pay the price. Hit Iran now. Hit them hard.”

Cotton went on to demand for “devastating military retaliation” against “Iran’s terrorist forces.”

“The only answer to these attacks must be devastating military retaliation against Iran’s terrorist forces, both in Iran and across the Middle East. Anything less will confirm Joe Biden as a coward unworthy of being commander-in-chief,” Cotton said.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) also chimed in:

Rep. Mike Waltz also slammed Biden’s falure:

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