Watch: Biden Suffers Another Brain Freeze While Giving Slurred Speech

Following a weekend filled with embarrassing blunders, concerns regarding Democrat President Joe Biden’s capability to hold office are intensifying.

As previously reported by Slay News, videos capturing Biden’s public statements over the past few days have been rapidly spreading on social media. On Saturday, during a speech in South Carolina, Biden seemed to deviate from his prepared remarks and embarked on a perplexing tirade.

Biden had traveled to the state to deliver a speech at a political event called South Carolina’s First in the Nation Dinner, held in Columbia. His address took place at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds in Columbia.

However, instead of sticking to the script provided by his team, Biden began slurring his words and delivering incoherent rants about President Donald Trump. It appeared that Biden completely disregarded the guidance of his handlers and started expressing angry and bewildering statements. The president, visibly disoriented, suddenly transitioned into a state of anger and began shouting without any apparent reason.

During his speech, Biden spoke incoherently and slurred his words. On Monday, a new video clip of the speech surfaced, where Biden referred to Trump as “the sitting president.” While discussing the economy, Biden diverted the conversation to launch an attack against Trump.

“American consumers are facing real confidence in our economy we are building,” Biden rambled as he struggled to read from the teleprompter.

“Let me tell you who else is noticing that,” he added as he turned away from the script.

“Donald Trump – Did you see what he recently said about… he wants to see the economy crash this year?

“A sitting president,” Biden added.

“As they say in my faith, bless me, Father…”

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