Watch: Jill Biden Releases BIZARRE White House Christmas Video

First lady Jill Biden is facing renewed criticism for a “peculiar” Christmas video posted on social media on Wednesday. The video features dancers in unusual attire tapping around a festively decorated White House, aligning with the theme for 2023, which is “Magic, Wonder, and Joy.” The video was posted on the official @FLOTUS account on the X platform.

“A bit of magic, wonder, and joy brought to you by the talented tappers of Dorrance Dance, performing their playful interpretation of The Nutcracker Suite. Enjoy!” her post said.

Americans were having none of it, however.

“The United States of Bananas,” one viewer posted.

“Imagine thinking this gives America the Christmas spirit,” another wrote.

“You are so strange. Bizarre. Freaky,” one said.

“I wonder what that cost taxpayers,” another wrote.

“ABSOLUTE GARBAGE,” another viewer said.

Some questioned the expenses involved in the production, raising concerns about taxpayer funds, particularly during a period when many Americans express challenges under “Bidenomics.” Additionally, critics noted that the content deviated from the traditional Christmas spirit and suggested it might be considered inappropriate for children.

The Biden White House is no stranger to getting shredded over their absurd Christmas themes though…

In 2021, Jill Biden was ripped over decorations that were intended to what she called “things that unite and heal and bring us together.”

She said she was “inspired by small acts of kindness and experiences that lifted our spirits this year and throughout the pandemic.”

“Inspired by the acts of kindness and experiences that lifted our spirits this year, decorated rooms in the White House reflect the Gifts from the Heart that unite us all: faith, family, friendship, the arts, learning, nature, gratitude, service, community, peace, and unity,” Biden tweeted along with several images from the White House.

However it didn’t take long for Americans to point out how ridiculously the Biden White House treated Christmas, especially considering to the previous First Lady Melania Trump.

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