Border Patrol Union TURNS On Joe Biden

The Biden administration received a shocking revelation from the head of the U.S. Border Patrol union on Friday. National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd disclosed that agents stationed along the Texas-Mexico border were not necessarily in agreement with the tactics employed by the White House.

According to Judd, the agents were unequivocally against removing the razor wire that had been set up by the Texas National Guard and law enforcement personnel to deter illegal entry into the state and the country.

Despite the Supreme Court’s ruling on Monday, which permitted federal authorities to dismantle the wire barriers erected by Texas along the southern border, the state is persisting in installing additional wire barriers at Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Texas. This site came under Texas’ control earlier this month. Border Patrol agents have shown considerable support for Texas’ initiatives, as confirmed by numerous rank-and-file agents who recently spoke with the DCNF.

“Agents absolutely do not want to cut the razor wire, but we have an obligation to follow a legal order,” Judd told the DCNF. “We will continue to put as much pressure on the admin to fix the crisis as we can. That will not change.”

CNN reported that on January 14, the Biden administration reached out to Ken Paxton, the Republican state Attorney General of Texas, through a letter. The letter requested that Texas withdraw from its position at Shelby Park by January 17. In response, Paxton confirmed that Texas would continue to maintain its presence at the location.

On Tuesday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) sent another letter to Paxton, urging him to grant Border Patrol full access to Shelby Park.

Initially, the Biden administration claimed that state authorities had impeded border agents from assisting three migrants who drowned in the Rio Grande. However, the Department of Justice (DOJ) later admitted in a court filing that state authorities had not been informed until after the tragic drownings had occurred.

Judd stated that the union was striving to compel President Joe Biden to take action in order to ensure border security through a “public pressure” campaign.

“Public pressure is the only pressure that works. We’re the ones who have been out in front of the issue since day one. We took the largest contingent of U.S. Senators ever to the border, and my job is to continue to tell the truth and try to foster public conversation,” Judd told the DCNF. “There are a lot of others, including those in the media, that are trying to give the public all the facts to allow them to make informed decisions based [on] complete information.”

According to a statement obtained from the Texas Military Department by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin, Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently issued an order for state authorities and National Guard troops to take control of the city park. This park is a significant entry point for migrants who are entering the country illegally. Additionally, Governor Abbott has instructed Texas Department of Public Safety officers and other law enforcement officials to provide assistance. It is worth noting that Governor Abbott, a Republican, has been engaged in a longstanding dispute with the administration over policies implemented by President Biden, which many believe have contributed to the current border crisis.

“The Texas National Guard has maintained a presence with security points and temporary barrier in Shelby Park since 2021. The current posture is to prepare for future illegal immigrant surges and to restrict access to organizations that perpetuate illegal immigrant crossings in the park and greater Eagle Pass area,” the department said.

“Texas will continue to deploy Texas National Guard soldiers, DPS troopers, and more barriers, utilizing every tool and strategy to respond to President Biden’s ongoing border crisis,” Abbott’s spokeswoman responded.

The Border Patrol announced that Abbott “is not harming Border Patrol operations, he is enhancing them. His seizing control of Shelby Park allows our agents to deploy to troubled spots that experience high numbers of gotaways. Governor Abbott’s actions should be seen as a force multiplier.”

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