Breaking: Top Dem Caught In HUGE Epstein Lie

Democratic Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) faced accusations of dishonesty when questioned by a Fox News reporter regarding his alleged obstruction of Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn’s request to subpoena flight logs from Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet, known as the “Lolita Express.”

Last week, Blackburn claimed that Durbin, as the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, played a key role in preventing her request. Durbin’s actions were challenged by Blackburn in a post on Twitter/X.

She then late posted an update video:

Fox News reporter Hillary Vaughn questioned Durbin about his alleged role in blocking public access to Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs. When asked, “Why won’t you subpoena Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs?” Durbin denied knowledge of the existence of such logs. He insisted that the matter was never presented to him for consideration, maintaining a defensive stance.

“That has never been raised by anyone,” Durbin falsely claimed.

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